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Applying for Social Security Disability is the first step in obtaining disability benefits from the government. If you are reading this email then it means you are at the very beginning of a long process. You will be given deadlines to respond to requests by Social Security and they will find it very easy to deny your benefits or reduce your maximum benefits over a missed date. Get used to this. As you go through this process you will find that these dates can make or break your claim. The application date is the very first event in your Social Security Disability claim. Should you prevail, the Application date establishes the day that Social Security must start paying you. Delaying your benefits by even one month can harm your case. The burden is on you to prove you are disabled according to their rules and this is a time sensitive process. You need to be aware that time is money. Social Security works month to month and the date of your initial application is really the month of your application. This is important to you because it involves money. You need to act before the end of the month in order to preserve your maximum benefits.

I definitely encourage you to at least preserve your rights by starting your application. According to Social Security’s rules you only need to start the application to protect your rights. It’s called a protective filing. You can do this online and you don’t have to complete the application to protect your rights. Please take a moment and start a Disability Application online. You apply through the Social Security website and it is very secure. You don’t have to finish the application in one sitting. In fact if you get to the 8 digit application screen then you have successfully preserved your rights. If you did that then you are well on your way to getting your benefits from Social Security. Let’s get a healthy start to get the benefits you deserve. Tim

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