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Sample SSA Statement

Why is the pursuit of an SSDI claim like being a hitter in baseball? Because in both situations you only succeed 30% of the time. But unlike baseball, you cant make ends meet with such a high failure rate. Nearly 70% of all initial applications for SSDI are denied. When people start the process of filing for disability from the Social Security Office they will often look for help by hiring an attorney to represent them. When you have to get help with your claim you have to call around or click around to find and attorney. Typically, you will fill out an online form or speak with an intake team member from the attorney’s office. You tell the person on the phone all about your case. The intake person is judging the merits of your claim in that single phone conversation. Many times cases are rejected by intake teams because the team member cannot understand your claim. The team member is interpreting your story.  If you seem unsure of your situation then the team member is unsure as well. Perhaps the intake team for the attorney is not motivated to present the case because the disabled person has a hard time explaining the merits of their respective claim. Everybody’s case is different and an unclear case looks like a difficult case to many.  Many attorneys will only take cases that are easy. A tough case to an attorney is a drain on time and energy and the attorney may want to take a pass on representing a disabled person with. Many times attorneys will react to the disabled persons telling of their story. A disabled person may not be aware of all the facts in their respective case and will leave important facts out. A motivated attorney will try to dig out these facts of the case. A good attorney will not just trust what a disabled person thinks are the facts and circumstances of their case. When I approach a new case I always want to see a Social Security Statement to get a feel for what has been going on for work history. The Social Security Statement has a treasure trove of information for an attorney who wants to help you out. The Social Security Administration starts with this report first. An SSDI attorney should do the same thing. Some times when you speak to the intake team of some attorneys they will not take your case because of what you say. In my opinion, this is lazy. Cases are won on paper. Paper is what drives our modern society. Personal testimony does not carry the same weight in the eyes of an Administrative Law Judge as do the reports of the experts that write about your medical problems. The myDisability Advocacy Resource Center will try hard to get your paperwork. You can upload your documents directly to the site for review and we can get documents directly from Social Security so a thorough case review can be performed. So when you are ready to hire a professional to help your SSDI claim it is best to have your paperwork and a recent Social Security Statement.


You can get your Social Security Statement by clicking here.

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