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Procrastinating on your SSDI claim may have negative consequences. No time like the present to get your SSDI claim started.  It is very important that you start your SSDI claim, today, so that you can protect your potential SSDI benefits. If you procrastinate you could be losing money because the Social Security Administration has strict rules that relate to the earliest date you started the claim process. If you even think that making an SSDI claim is what you want to do in the near future, either get online and simply try the SSA online application process or contact a firm that specializes in helping people deal with an SSDI claim.  Do this today and don’t wait.  If you email me I will walk you through the process, Free of charge.  It’s that important.  Let me explain. For this discussion there are three dates that you need to know. The first date is the Application Date and it’s the date that you apply for benefits or you tell the SSA of your intent to file an application.  You don’t have to file your completed application for the Application Date to start you just need to tell the SSA that you intend to file.  The second date is the Established Onset Date (EOD) of your disability. This is when the SSA agrees that a person became officially disabled. The third date is the Date Of Entitlement (DOE). This date is when the SSA believes it should have start making payments and is five months after the EOD.  The five-month period is a deduction of the first 5 payments of any money the government may owe you on a new claim.  According to the law, the five-month period starts on the date that the SSA agrees that you become disabled. The official SSA Policy For this Topic You may think that you have to rush to get your application filed. You do not have to delay and impact your Application Date.  Don’t wait until you have all you case facts gathered, let the SSA know that you intend to file a claim.  Simply starting the SSDI application process is considered the first Application Date (AD). You can start the process by calling the SSA on their posted 800 number or try the SSA application process. By starting the application process you are creating a Protective Application Filing with the SSA. This tells the SSA that you intend on filing an application in the future. What this does is tell the SSA that your application date should start when the SSA was first informed of your potential claim and not just when they receive the formal application itself. It may take several months to prepare your claim.  So sooner rather than later should be one of your concerns. An attorney or non-attorney representative can send a Protective Application Filing to the SSA before the actual claim is prepared. This informs the SSA that you intend on filing a complete claim in the future and to keep the earliest possible date for the potential award to begin. This means that if your case does take more time to prepare, because of scheduling, backlog or complications, you wont have your award reduced because of the delay in filing the formal application.

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