My trip to NOSSCR 2013 – Washington DC

NOSSCR Training Seminar

NOSSCR Training Seminar

NOSSCR 2013 I have just arrived back the from the National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives (NOSSCR) conference in Washington DC. The meeting is a semi-annual gathering of Attorney and Non-Attorney representatives who provide services to Disabled workers to make claims to get their Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. The conference is put on by NOSSCR to educate attorney and non-attorney representatives how to successfully make claims for client who deserve disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. The level of detail and strategy was quite involved. Each person received around 12 hours of formal training and discussion on topics ranging from Traumatic Brain injury and orthopedics to ethics and compassionate marketing of services. We heard from SSA officials, Congress People, and veteran attorneys that have been in the trenches with their clients. I came away from all of this understanding that most of these people are in it for the sense of helping deserving people to get what is rightfully theirs. Its a shame that the SSDI system makes a deserving person have to hire an attorney to present its case. The SSDI system is designed to deny people on their initial claim only to award them benefits on appeals. The government feels that they are doing the right thing with this system. Claimants who hire attorneys have a higher success rate than those that do not hire attorneys.
Hard at work.  NOSSCR Training 2013

Hard at work. NOSSCR Training 2013

The reasoning behind the attorney success is that the attorney and non-attorney representative knows how to present the facts and circumstances of a persons disabilities in they way that allows the SSA bureaucrats to approve a claim. The system should be easier, but its not. The attorneys and non-attorneys that I meet are passionate people that want to get people the benefits they deserve. In order to win an award, you will need to prove your disability to a government official who may never even look you in the eye. I do know that these professionals at this conference want to look you in the eye and shake your hand and make you feel like you can get what you paid for. The people at the conference don’t get paid to represent you unless you win your claim. How many other services can you get that guarantee results or its free? Think about it.

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